Toronto Tech Week Is Almost Here

Toronto Tech Week is Almost Here!

Founders, investors, tech enthusiasts, students and more….welcome! 🚀

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Start-ups and VC’s, this one’s for you!

Mark your calendars for September 25th! We’re kicking off the #ElevateTorontoTechWeek with a start-up pitch competition at Amazon’s AWS Office from 5pm-9pm 🔥 If you would like to pitch and show off your start-up and receive some funding, apply to this link here! If you just want to watch, register for our event here. Don’t miss out on a stacked event with even better judges from the likes of Inovia, Golden Ventures, Brightspark Ventures, and Amazon Start-ups 🌟

After the event, we got something special for the VC’s! A Young VC Rooftop Afterparty. We want analysts and associates so don’t tell the partners 😉 Anyone else that wants to come, if you can sneak in then you’re welcome haha! Register for the after party here, you won’t want to miss this one 🦄

Let’s Host Together

Any and all start-ups, organizations, and people, if you want to host an event and be apart of #ElevateTorontoTechWeek, fill out the form here and host an event with us! We have venue partners already locked down, all you have to do is bring the idea 💡

Upcoming Events 🚀

[Sept 22] Toronto 3v3 Basketball Tournament - Vaughn, Canada

[Sept 25] Aceocial x AWS x Elevate Start-up Pitch Competition - AWS Office, Toronto, Canada

For start-ups that wish to apply to pitch, apply here 

[Sept 25] Aceocial x Elevate Young VC Afterparty - Lavelle, Toronto, Canada 

[Sept 26] Firehood Elevate Women+ Pitch Day - Design Exchange, Toronto, Canada

[Sept 26] Fairly AI x Elevate, AI Networking - OneEleven, Toronto, Canada

[Sept 27th] Aceocial x Fresh Founders - Private Dinner Party (Must be approved to come) - Toronto, Canada

[Sept 27] Techstars Toronto Cocktail Reception - CIBC Square, Toronto, Canada

[Sept 27/28] Elevate Festival: Elevate Happy Hour - Meridian Hall, Toronto, Canada

[Sept 27/28] Elevate Festival: Elevate Goes Late - The Next Millennium/Club ECO - Design Exchange, Toronto, Canada

[Sept 28] Toronto DAO - Town Hall - AI - Employment Threat or Opportunity - Casa Mezcal, Toronto, Canada

[Sept 29] Post Elevate Tech Connect: Empowering Techpreneurs for Success - thehashtag, Toronto, Canada

Once again, shoutout to our very own Michael Liu for providing a Master Afterparty List. You can find more events in the embeded link there.

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