Toronto Tech Week Is Here

Toronto’s First Ever “Tech Week”

5,000 attendees. 1,000 startups. 50 high quality, curated, and organized events.

Toronto Tech Fest is an opportunity for Canada to define its voice in the new AI driven economy, bring together the best from across venture and startups, and create opportunities to drive innovation and business development for all Canadians 🍁

From May 21 - May 24, our founder driven non-profit (Aceocial) is putting our entire team behind this endeavor, including actively helping to co-host and plan events with corporations, startups, and government organizations.

That’s right! We’re calling all founders, startups, executives, organizations, and corporations to come host an event during this week - and the best part is that we at Aceocial will do it for you! We’ve been doing this for thousands of people since 2022 so we know what it takes to get your event the traction and audience it deserves. 100,000 online impressions and 150+ meaningful attendees doesn’t sound like a bad idea for hosting an event that week right?📈

Join multinational and industry-changing corporations such as Microsoft, Amazon, CIBC, and key startup enablers such as C100 and OneEleven in hosting events with us.

Our goal is to create the preeminent Canadian, AI focused, tech week in Toronto by bringing together the best in the world founders, investors, and operators 🚀

Upcoming Events 🚀


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