Ticket Winners to the Aceocial Young VC Party! 🍾

Thank you to all who entered!

Announcing the winners of our giveaway 👇

To celebrate the launch of our new instagram account (@Aceocial), we just hosted a special giveaway for 10 exclusive tickets 🎟️ to our upcoming Aceocial Young VC party 🖤 at AMPM on November 12th (FOR NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIBERS ONLY)! 🫰

And the winners are 🥁
Khrystyna Penyk
Daniel Rizzi
McKenna Barr
Sahil Arora
David Palmer
David Tsetlin
Yuxi Li
Hamid Dalglijli
Alex Chernenko
Fawaz Malik

Thank you to everyone who entered! You’re all amazing and we’ll be doing even more subscriber only giveaways in the future 🔥

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