Guess Which Companies Have The Best Events...

Look Who’s Hosting An Event At Toronto Tech Fest

Wow, it’s only been 2 weeks or less since we started pushing out Tech Week and there’s 54 events and counting who want to he involved in Toronto Tech Fest.

That’s not even all of it, we’ve got some crazy events planned for you by some popular names…Microsoft, Amazon, RBCx, and CIBC Innovation🚀 

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Upcoming Events 🚀

[Mar 16] Converging Pathways & Sustainable Synergies - Schulich Business School, Toronto, Canada

[Mar 20] Explore Toronto’s Tech Scene - Toronto, Canada

[Mar 21] Relationship Science x Startups | Couply - Toronto, Canada

[Mar 25] TO Founders Brew Tech Mixer - Toronto Canada

[Mar 26] The Ultimate AI Pitch Arena | AWS - Seattle, USA

[Mar 28] Crypto Co-Working - Toronto, Canada


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