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We had 2 big events in the past 2 weeks! Our deepest gratitude to everyone who joined us. We hope the experiences were as memorable for you as they were for us. Thank you for being a part of our journey ❤️

The Great Canadian AI Pitch Competition

Aceocial's Summer Breeze Mixer

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#ElevateTorontoTechWeek - September 25th - 29th
by Aceocial powered by ELEVATE Conference

What is #ElevateTorontoTechWeek ?

#ElevateTorontoTechWeek is an “unconference” within the week of Elevate Conference — an unbranded week of events hosted by various members of the tech community all under the umbrella of #ElevateTorontoTechWeek. This is an opportunity to showcase what makes each respective tech community special, meet people from across venture and startups, and learn from the best founders and companies.

What is the best way to participate in #ElevateTorontoTechWeek ?

The best way to participate is to host an event! Hosting an event during the #ElevateTorontoTechWeek dates is a great way to get exposure for your brand and directly connect with the #ElevateTorontoTechWeek audience. We will list all approved events on the master calendar of events, provide branding of #ElevateTorontoTechWeek and help drive visibility.

Apply to host your event Here:https://bit.ly/elevatetorontotechweek

Upcoming Events 🚀

[Sept 11] TechTO: Together - OneEleven, Toronto, Canada

[Sept 14] Toronto Generative AI Meetup - 169 Gore Vale Ave, Toronto, ON M6J 2R5, Canada

[Sept 14] Investor Community Mixer: Invest with Purpose! - 1220 King Street West Toronto, ON M5V 3M2

[Sept 14] Toronto Tech Mixer 4.0 - hosted by Todotoronto x RI.Events - 180 John St Toronto, ON M5T 1X5

[Sept 14] Women in Technology - The Road to Leadership - 401 Bay Street Simpson Tower, 8th Floor Toronto, ON M5H 2Y4

[Sept 16] Toronto Business Summit - University of Toronto Scarborough, Scarborough, Canada

[Sept 16] AIn't Just for Big Tech: Empowering Indie Creators - 379 Adelaide Street West 4F Toronto, ON M5V 1S5

[Sept 26 - 28] Elevate Festival - St Lawrence Centre For Arts, Meridian Hall, Design Exchange, Toronto, Canada

[Sept 28] On Trial: Can Big Tech be Trusted with AI? - Rotman School of Management, Toronto, Ontario

[Sept 28] CEDIA Tech Summit - Parkview Manor, Toronto, Canada

[Sept 28] Pixel Pitches: AI Amplified AV Experiences - 379 Adelaide Street West 4F Toronto, ON M5V 1S5

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