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Hey everyone! So far we’ve been providing the latest and greatest events through our newsletter. However, we believe we can provide you with some more value - founder insights, a series curated from primary information gathered through our interviews posted on our socials! Now, we will be providing all of you with a weekly newsletter alternating between an event update (our regular series) and a new founder insight series (which will be followed by a few major events so you never miss out!

Insight of the week: A look into founder salaries

From our interviews, founders actually pay themselves nothing at the beginning! However, if they had the ability to, most would be satisfied with… Check out the videos on our instagram for the magic number 🤑 

Upcoming Events 🚀

Ski Trip Everyone ⛷

On your mark, get set, GO! On December 15th, we will be hosting a demo day and ski trip at Blue Mountain 🗻 We partnered up with Graphite Ventures and Capita to book out a chalet for 20 bright minds. Hit the slopes, then warm up afterwards with the hottest minds in Toronto 🔥 If you’re an entrepreneur that loves the mountains then this one is for you! Register Here: 

Increase Your Healthspan With A Run 🏃‍♀️

If you can’t make it to the ski trip, be sure to come out to the Founders Morning Run on Sunday, Dec 17 at 8:00 AM! Get your cardio and nutrients up with this 2-part event featuring a 5K Outdoor Run and a Nutty Pudding Networking Event right after! Be ready to jolt your body and mind with this electrifying event full of entrepreneurs and runners. Register Here:

Weekly and We Meant It! 🍯

We got another event filled with the best founders - a potluck! In collaboration with Founders Game, we are hosting this event for founders who have raised $3M USD, exited $3M+ USD, or generate $3M+ in ARR. If you got what it takes to dine with the best, register here: - spots are limited!


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