Calling Toronto Female Founders

Female Founders of Toronto This One’s For You

You all know how our pitch events turn out 🔥 We did it with Amazon, We did it with Microsoft, and now we’re doing it with CGI and TBDC. This one’s going to be a special one because we’re doing it for female founders of Toronto 🙌 

We’re going to have 10 women-led companies pitch LIVE in front of VC’s! Bunch of networking, bunch of pitches, and it’s going to be a blast 🚀

May 24 1:00PM - 5:00PM - Be There.

Sign up to pitch your audience VC’s and an audience of 100+ here

Sign up to watch some of the best female founders of the city pitch here

Google Is Coming In Strong With Demos

Showcase what you’re building, no need for any fluff 💥 

This is a demo competition judged by Google themselves! Here’s the criteria:

  1. Demos must be working prototypes

  2. Demos can be creative uses of new technology

  3. Must be presented in person in less than 5 minutes

  4. Judges provide feedback but attendees and judges can vote

  5. Demos will be vetted before then can present

Google is looking for innovation, exploration, proficiency, quality, and a little bit of fun

Psst… there’s going to be top VC”s so it’ll be a great chance to show off what your MVP will look like 🚀

May 23 3:00PM - 6:00PM, You know the drill - sign up to watch demos here here

Want to show off what you’re building? Sign up here


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