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The Perfect Creator Escape 🚪

November 25th we will be hosting a creator event! We’re looking to bond Toronto’s best creators together where they escape to outer space 🛸 Come meet like-minded content creators and film some legendary footage for the viewers 🎥

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Rooftops & Clubs 🥂

November 9th and 12th were legendary days as we hosted Aceocial’s Rooftop PropTech Mixer and Aceocial x AMPM’s Young VC Party we had over 300 people combined coming out to these events to have an amazing time. Thank you to everyone who came out and we look forward to seeing you very soon 😉

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Upcoming Events 🚀

[Nov 16] Toronto PropTech in Canada Report Launch - PwC Tower, Toronto, Canada

[Nov 21] 🍽Aceocial VC Backed Founders Private Dinner 🍽 - TBD, Toronto, Canada Limited Spots Only - Approval Required

[Nov 21] Mentimeter and Women In Tech Torotno MeetUp - Mentimeter Office, Toronto, Canada

[Nov 21] Graph Protocol: Learn, hack, and grow with web3 - York University, Toronto, Canada

[Nov 22] TechinTO | Tech Networking Social - Offworld Bar, Toronto, Canada

[Nov 23] The Next Wave: Exploring Emerging Tech - Google HQ, Toronto, Canada

[Nov 25] 🎉Aceocial Creators Escape To Outer Space 🎉 - TBD, Toronto, Canada

[Nov 28] ⭐Aceocial VC Backed Founders Private Dinner- TBD, Toronto, Canada Limited Spots - Only For Founders Who Raised $3M

[Nov 29] 🌔Aceocial Lunar Circle Mixer🌔 TBD, Toronto, Canada

[Nov 30] BrainStation Toronto Tech Social - BrainStation, Toronto, Canada

[Nov 30] Tech Networking Event CoMotion - CoMotion on King, Toronto, Canada

[Dec 4] Aceocial Woment In Tech Power Pitch - TBD, Toronto, Canada

[Dec 5] TechTO YC Alumni Event - TBD, Toronto, Canada

[Dec 14] Toronto CDAO Executive Summit - Beanfield Centre, Toronto, Canada


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